David Simon Massage

N.V.L.M.T. # 7407

Bringing you a higher level of massage therapy

About Us

Maximum muscle function

It is always the goal to help you achieve maximum muscle function and range of motion. I believe in using a myriad of technique to help achieve these goals, always finding the best solution for your needs as the ultimate goal

An Unmatched Understanding of body function.

I have spent my life as a Multi-sport extreme and endurance athlete.  At 50 and still participating in many sports such as Downhill and cross country mountain bike racing, Skate boarding and rollerskating parks. B.M.X. Racing and even Salsa figure skating on roller skates. I have been throwing my body into injury my whole life. I have had a list of injury a mile long over the years. Through this I have learned the hard way how we do things to our bodies and how our bodies develop and manifest problems from these activities. 


A system to  balance the body and keep you functioning at a higher level. not just massage but but a different way of helping you maintain and  educate yourself on your body.